30 May 2012

Of Taking Him to the Movies

As we spent our sixth anniversary on the road (stopping for a brief celebratory dinner at Red Lobster - because nothing says, "I love you," like sharing a basket of cheddar biscuits), Philip and I took yesterday as a make-up day.  

Now, we didn't plan on our day being bookended with first world problems - waking up to a missing internet signal (and waiting half the day for a repairman) and going to bed with a malfunctioning air conditioner, windows open to the sounds of rain pattering the rooftops and thunder booming loudly across the state, but it was the middle part of the day - our first day for quite some time with only one child at home - which defined our wonderful time of just being together - and having just been together for six years now.

Sandwiched between lunch at Benedict St. and dessert at Cherry Berry (our new love), we took Joey out for his first movie in the theater.  And, questions of showing such violence to a child of only three and a half months aside, that kid loved "The Hunger Games" - or maybe just the theater experience overall.  While many may fear taking such a young one to the movies for worry of his crying interfering with others' enjoyment of the show, it was our little man's laughter that caused Philip to ask, "Do I need to take him out in the hall?"  

That was our man, giggling, grinning and all-around having a great time. He loved sitting on our laps, watching the action on the screen, or facing us and hamming it up.  

I definitely never imagined I would be celebrating my sixth anniversary by trying to hush my baby's coos in the dark back row of a sparsely-occupied matinee - but I wouldn't have it any other way.

1,000 Gifts:
533. A cool breeze through an open window.
534. A lightning show in the distance.
535. A finished product.
536. Corn from the cob - a reminder of God's provision
537. A phone call away from the repairs we need.
538. An unexpected opportunity

Photo of the Day: 
A little over a month ago, I snagged an amazing deal on a furniture set a garage sale - four pieces for $40 - which means, I essentially paid $10 for Joey's new dresser (the only piece I really needed) - well, $10 plus the $6 in black paint.  Now, only three and a half months into his life, he finally a dresser to hold his teeny baby clothes.


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