02 May 2012

Of Getting Behind

In case you have been wondering how the book has been going which I vowed would be printed, in my hands, by my Golden Birthday (which, at this point is less than two months away) . . . well, it's not looking so good.

After floundering aimlessly for awhile (ok, more than five years), I finally talked to my editor (ie, Philip) who encouraged me to stop the process of writing, re-writing, re-reading and re-writing again all of the first part of the book without ever moving forward.  I need an outline, and I need to just write.

Editing, he assured me was his job.

I didn't like that.

This is, after all, my baby.  And I alone, I felt, am capable of making sure my baby is beautiful and healthy.

But, once again, he was right (why is this always true?  and why has it taken me this long to realize?).

So, I'm outlining.  And even that is going slow.  Has anyone ever mentioned that having three kids really sucks the time out of the day?  I mean, I enjoy my time with them, but between my wonderfully rambunctious and needy little ones and a house that doesn't take care of itself (and whose messiness can be directly linked to my - and thereby Philip's - stress level), I find there are very few minutes left in the day for my own endeavors.

Thus, this is me, being accountable.  Someday this book will be finished.  At this point, I'm simply hoping all the rough draft work will be done by my birthday.

So now you know . . . in case you've been wondering.

Photos of the Day:
While waiting for Mommy and Daddy to finish gabbing with friends post-parenting-class, Micaiah (and her friends) took to the dry erase board.  This is her masterpiece depicting herself (the tallest) and her brothers (Joey would be that tiny circle of a head with two inch-long legs underneath Emmett).

And I love how this boy just needs a happy thumb to put himself to sleep (also, this onesie is so not Baby Wise - but it's pretty cute either way).

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  1. I've been wondering! Mostly wondering how you manage to devote any time at all to a book with 3 little ones! Don't lose the faith, you'll get it done eventually.