24 May 2012

Of the Business of Living

We've been busy leading a life of, well, busy.  But the good kind of busy.  The best kind of busy.  Not the kind that leaves you at the end of the day, feeling spent and worn out but not really knowing what's been done.

The kind of busy filled with the whir of a sewing machine, the planning of projects, the clicking of the computer keys, the stirring up of dirt, the visit to the doctor followed by the dispensing of medicine, the talking with friends, the picking up of toys and wiping of kitchen counters.

And, of course, the kind of busy that doesn't feel busy at all - the reading of books, the snuggling on the couch, the dancing to The Muppets, the sharing of dinner and the planning of celebration.

Yes, we've been busy, but it's the kind of busy that reminds us why we're alive.

1,000 Gifts:
511. A birthday - the perfect time to remind someone you love them.
512. Feeling accomplished at a project (or two) completed.
513. Pizza with friends.
514. A beautiful morning in a shaded backyard.
515. Sharing life.
516. An evening dance party.
517. Contagious grins on a grumpy morning.
518. Nap-time stories.
519. Wet curls.
520. Sickie Snuggles.
521. Mom, Dad, and three kids all cuddled on one couch for movie time.

Photo(s) of (Yester)day:
This would be the impromptu dance party during the closing credits to The Muppets.  Most dance moves were dictated by Micaiah - like this command to dance "backwards".

A rare, difficult-to-capture, but rather adorable, grumpy face from Sir Joseph.

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