14 May 2012

Of My Mother's Day Blessings

This past weekend was filled with so many of those gifts from God which I have been intentionally counting since the new year:

482. Creating Gram's Mother's Day gift.

483. Spending time with Gram.

484. A good-bye party for our beloved friends (who will be missed beyond words)

485. Baby Dedication Banquet

486. Smiles for Daddy

487. Gifts for Mommy (Roses, a new mug!, and some Impatiens to grow myself)

488. Watching Micaiah's dear friend, Bekah, be baptized (and seeing the joy on our dear friends' faces as they witnessed their daughter's obedience to the Holy Spirit in her life - so beautiful!)

489. Dedicating our child to the Lord.

490."Voodoo Cheddar" fondue for lunch (Cheddar, Shrimp, Tomatoes and Green Chilies - so good!)

491. Watching this chubby guy nap

492. A family game of Bocce (which may have included trying not to hit our kids in the head as they caused field interference).

493. Half-Price shakes at Sonic

It was definitely a beautiful way to cherish one another as family!

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