02 March 2012

Of Taking the Challenge

As previously mentioned, I love me a good checklist.  So, when I came across a challenge to take the time to play in the month of March and photograph it all with a different prompt every day, I was in.  I mean, I'm posting at least one photo a day anyway, right?  This commitment, I thought, would give me a little inspiration.

And since I was jumping on one bandwagon, I decided, though I was two months late getting started, now would be the perfect time to begin counting my 1,000 gifts for 2012.  Another dare accepted.

Thus, using the list on this blog (and also catching up from January and February), I will be documenting at least three gifts per day this month (which may or may not include photos) and photographing my playful moments.  I hope you don't mind voyeuring on my journey.

Seeking 1,000 Gifts . . .

March 1, 2012
1.        At 11:30: Blooming trees and painted grass – the first signs of spring in Oklahoma.
2.    At 2:30: Finding what was lost.
3.     At 3pm: Technology that does the work for me.
4.       At 3pm: 77 degrees on the first of March.
5.       At 3pm: 300 diapers arriving just in time.
6.       At 6:30: Our Little Man turned goalie (or protector of the concrete patio)

March 2, 2012
7.       Making room for loved ones, “Climb aboard, Emmett, there’s a seat for you!”
8.       A green balloon (no longer a puppy), abused, deflated and loved.
9.       The laughter and joy in waking up to play with your best friend (who happens to be a sibling).
10.       Bed-time prayers from the lips of the innocent.
11.       “Weeds” which cause ours to be the first natural green lawn on the street. 
12.       Garlic sprouts nearly ready for harvest.

Taking Time for Play Challenge: Polka-Dots:

And a couple miscellaneous moments captured of Emmett's amazing knack for being a big brother:

Love my boys!


  1. Lots of great photos, but especially liked the one of all three of your boys.

  2. Yay! I like this a lot...you're so awesome that you find the time to do this as well as raise three beautiful children.