19 March 2012

Of Rainy Day Fun

Waking up to pounding rain and rumbling thunder, I knew today called for one thing (the one thing Micaiah was begging for all last week) - time to pull out her tent for some rainy day fun.  And it all started with breakfast:

That's right, I totally sugared them up - it was a big day for them.  But we stuck to finger foods - even Mommy ate dry Frosted Flakes and Honey Nut Cheerios (and a couple Donettes, of course).  After morning devotions, I turned on The Little Mermaid - trying to be faithful to the water theme for the day.  When I was their age, rainy days meant blankets draped over a card table and extended just far enough to include the tiny and grainy antenna-tv in the basement.  These days it's a Discovery Channel nylon tent with Disney movies on the flat-screen.  Times have changed.

And because I'm all about food making the day special, this was Micaiah's lunch (I emphasize it as Micaiah's because a) I only have one six-cup muffin tin for this fun way to serve lunch and b) Emmett isn't a fan of cheese and she's not a fan of peanut butter, so they actually eat different things for lunch):

Emmett was checking out her meal, but his wasn't too bad, either.

Lunch-time entertainment was "The Incredibles."

Overall, it was a pretty fabulous and relaxing rainy day.  As Philip put it, upon seeing the photos I e-mailed him, "They're living like rock-stars."  I'm pretty sure they'd agree.

1,000 Gifts:
109. Muffin-Tin Meals
110. Meals shared in an unconventional location.
111. Cheesy Potato Soup - the only meal with which my daughter never argues.
112. Trading cereal with my wishy-washy son.
113. Ten minutes of family time in a gas station parking lot as the rain patters the ceiling.
114. Copycat biscuits to appease the husband who is sick of the soup.

Taking Time for Play: Funny Faces
This may not have been taken today, but it is recent and it fits the theme, so we're just going to run with it.

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