03 March 2012

Of Our Rhythm

I've been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to decide what to write about this day and, the truth is, there is nothing to report.  It was a typical uneventful Saturday: I left the kids with Philip in the morning so I could run errands, there was a family-wide nap-time this afternoon and a game night with the neighbors capped it all off.  A nice day with little to report.  I guess it just goes to show, once you've had a couple of children, adding new ones to the routine does very little to rock the rhythm of the boat.  So here we are, just floating along.

Seeking 1,000 Gifts:
13.  Finding belts at a garage sale when my old one is broken.
14.  Fancy shoes at a cheap price to motivate a late-walking niece.
15.  Holes that can be patched.
16.  Micaiah's doodles, that give a face to a red-construction-paper heart.
17.  A reminder of God's love and protection on a blog with which I have enjoyed following.
18.  Using social media to affirm another's heart.

Taking Time for Play: Games:

I love impromptu Game Nights with the neighbors.  Pulled out a new one (for them) tonight.  Gotta love a game built around the exporting of rum and cigars.  Also, junk food is a Game Night must - thanks for the cookies!

A few more photos from today:

Taking advantage of the tiny window during which the ottoman is a viable option for tummy time.  Apparently, though, he confused tummy time with nap-time.  I suppose that's safest anyway.

I love this cutie!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Love the pictures of Joey.