27 March 2012

Of Taking Care of Each Other

I had one of those moments this afternoon - those moments that are sure to increase with our family size.  The moment when, harried by the fact that Sesame Street was just a little too loud and Micaiah wanted me to notice Big Bird and Emmett wanted help getting on the couch with his blanket and pillow and Joey was crying because he was both tired and hungry and I was trying to get folded clothes put away so Emmett could actually sit on the couch, I thought to myself out of pure exasperation, "We have too many kids!"

I do love each of them so much but there are just moments when everyone wants a piece of you and you have nothing left to give.

And then I noticed Joey was no longer crying.  And when I noticed this, I also noticed his sister, bent over her baby brother, eyes gazing into his, stroking his head calmly, encouraging him to take the paci she offered, which he had and was now sucking quietly.  Meanwhile, Emmett was no longer following me with his blanket in one hand, but, instead, he stood by the couch, waiting patiently, finally realizing I would help him when I was able.

Within minutes, the clothes were put away, Emmett was happily snuggled on the couch, while Micaiah curled up on the floor with her own blanket, both watching Bert and Ernie while Joey dozed peacefully on the loveseat.

I'm thinking we're gonna be alright - even if this herd keeps growing.

1,000 Gifts: 
157. Success in homemade chicken stock - finally!
158. A year and a half with no cavities - trust me, that's big.
159. Lost time with the kids made up for in a game of Memory.
160. A dresser makes for a learning experience in decision-making.
161. Wilted vegetables and ugly chicken bones making one delicious broth.
162. A house still not cleaned in favor of hide-and-seek and playing with dolls.

Taking Time for Play: Pattern  
This pack n' play has seen three babies now.
"What?!  It's my last night in Mommy & Daddy's room?!  Where are you going to send me?!"

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