25 March 2012

Of Toddler Theology (and a Photo Memoir)

On the way to church this morning, this was Micaiah's narrative:

"Jesus protected me from the scary dark.  And the angel come and the angel tell Jesus, 'We will be friends and we will protect 'Caiah.' And I have a dream about the angel and Jesus and God, but I can't see the angel and Jesus and God."

Theology from a three-year-old.  Never ceases to amaze me.

And as I promised pictures from yesterday, here are just a few:

I love this sleep pose all babies seem to have.  Just so relaxed, surrendering to sleep.

Dinner: Chilled Strawberry Soup and Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies (which I found in a magazine and can't find on-line, or I'd include the link, but they were pretty good, with oatmeal, applesauce, carrots and raisins they feel semi-healthy - which the cream cheese does a decent job of counteracting).

Micaiah's head o' curls post-bath.  I LOVE them.

 Pre-rolling-over, this was Joey holding his head up high.  Such a big boy!

1,000 Gifts:
145. Micaiah's sweet voice singing a variety of children's songs at the breakfast table.
146. The Word of God in my language.
147. A banner for every season.
148. "Holey" jeans, well-worn.
149. Pink-studded sandals on tiny feet.
150. A library full of hand-me-down books gathered to bless others.

Taking Time for Play: Teal
I was at a loss until I noticed this shelf on my entertainment center just before posting here.  It's one that was originally designed around the teal theme of some of my found objects but has now lost much of it's teal-ness, except for these two last remnants.

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  1. A friend at work told me a story that a pastor shared. A mother showed a picture that her 4 year-old had drawn of him while he was preaching two weeks earlier. It was of three stick figures. When her mother told her little girl that there was only one man standing up there, she replied, "No, Mommy. There's the pastor and 2 angels. When he coughed they put their wings over his mouth." Ah, to see with the innocent and pure eyes of a child.