01 March 2012

Of Being an Oklahoman

Last night Philip and I were discussing how crazy it is to think of how quickly time passes.

It only occurred to me just yesterday that 2012 marks a decade since I first moved into my college dorm here on Oklahoma soil.  When I consider I spent my first four years of life in California, the next six in Nebraska and then lived eight years in Missouri before I heading to that college dorm, I have now lived more time in Oklahoma than anywhere else.

When did this happen?!

Ten years ago I planned to head to Oklahoma for my education and then ship out into the big world, with endless opportunities ahead of me.  Seven years ago someone referred to me as an Okie for the first time; I balked - sure I was going to school there, but I wasn't from Oklahoma.  I've spent the past the ten years telling people I'm from St. Louis.  I guess I need to re-think that label.

I still think of this part of my life - this Oklahoma part - as temporary.  When does that feeling go away?

Ok, world, here it is.  I am an Oklahoman.  Happy now?

Photo of the Day: As an Oklahoman I have begun to recognize the first signs of spring - trees in bloom and painted grass.

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