29 March 2012

Of Developing

Our newest little man is growing up so quickly.

As you may recall, he spent his last night in our bedroom the night before last.  For those of you who may not be so skilled with logic, that means last night was his first night sleeping in his "big boy bed" (the term is, of course, relative here) in his very own room.  All alone.  For the first time.  Okay, so it may have been harder on me than it was on him.

While I was prepared for an evening of crying it out and trying not to burst in the room to rescue him from his loneliness in the dark, he simply settled his little eyes shut and went to sleep.  Without a paci.  And without a peep.  Who gave him the right to grow up so quickly?

Other evidences that he's not our little newborn anymore include the fact that he has recently come to rather enjoy sitting in his bouncer, kicking the plastic fish and seahorse which cause the music to play and the bubbles to float about in the enclosed arc over his feet.  In fact, he actually watches the bubbles and the fish as they move about.

Finally, he loves to stand.  After a little boy who never took much interest in using his legs until he was nearly a year and a half old, having this tiny guy put all of his weight on his pudgy legs is quite exciting.  With us simply keeping him balanced, he'll just stand in our laps, or on the bed, or wherever, to his little heart's content.  Perhaps we finally have a fast-developer on our hands?

I'm already weighing the pros and cons of having three mobile little ones.

1,000 Gifts:
169. Bags and boxes filled with the gift of his provision to cover our children.
170. He will never leave me.
171. His love endures forever.
172. Muddy shoes leaving footprints on the patio.
173. Wet hair after a mid-day bath.
174. Empty space in the closet.

 Taking Time for Play: Love
See how much he's filled out?

We went outside to play today.  Micaiah picked out both of their outfits.  I think she did better on Emmett's.

I have no idea what they were looking at - and it wasn't even the same thing, apparently.

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