21 March 2012

Of Letting it All Out

I've realized part of why my son's middle-of-the-night feeding habits have not at all slowed down is because I have done little to allow him the opportunity.  The slightest sound of squirming at the right time in his "schedule" finds me hurrying to lift him from his resting place to eat, for fear he might soon cry.  Why I fear the crying, I'm not so sure, considering my husband might possibly sleep through a freight train running through our living room and our older children are also rather sound sleepers (or at least are very skilled at dropping back to sleep almost instantaneously).  So, why I worry Little Guy might let out a wail, I'm not so sure.

I've realized, though, the lengthier periods between feedings during the day come when he is allowed to cry for a minute or two (I'm a mother of three, seriously, my daytime hours are not spent waiting to halt the possible fussiness of this newest one, rather praying he'll hold out just a little longer while I finish preparing dinner or changing diapers or whatever other tasks come up) before nodding back off to sleep.

Thus, I had recently decided to employ this trick (you know, the one I don't hesitate to do when they're all the way in the other room, but somehow fail at when they're right next to me) at night before rushing to feed him or even just pulling him into bed so he'll go right back to sleep.  I didn't necessarily plan on running around being busy while he fusses (that's just silly), but waiting him out just a little - because, honestly, most times he doesn't wail.  He wakes, squirms, grunts and settles down again.  But I hadn't been patient enough to realize this fact.

This morning, then, was really the first time I truly held out when, at 5am, after laying him back to bed after feeding, he promptly began wiggling and grunting - which would typically prompt me to pick him back up, either for burping the squirmy worm or just letting him rest beside me.

I waited for a half hour as he made the most adorable sounds - sounds I'd missed previously because I'd been too afraid of the crying.  He kicked, waved his arms, cooed (so cute!), squeaked, squawked, squealed, grunted and giggled (just a little) and just all around made a jungle of wild baby noises.  And I waited, with a small part of me wishing he would settle so I could sleep, but the larger majority just grateful for these tiny noises that won't last long.

Finally, I heard something different - the distinct symphony of this little guy filling his diaper.

Almost instantaneously all other noises stopped as his eyes drifted closed and he fell asleep.

Apparently, sometimes it just takes a little work to get that junk out of your system.

1,000 Gifts:
121. Butter and oil, with a dash of salt, thrown into the stand mixer for [almost] homemade spreadable butter - absolutely delicious.
122. No-Bake Cookies melting in my mouth
123. Enchiladas - the third night in a row of uncontested dinners on the part of our three-year-old - total win.
124. Wooden cake, offered ever-so-generously.
125. The tuft of curls atop the head on the sheep of my favorite onesie.
126. Piano keys tickled by my musically-inclined daughter.

Taking Time for Play: Party Time
Micaiah had some friends over for a couple of hours today - it's always a party with good friends and a reason for dress-up!
PS, I'd like you to note the fourth participant to the party, hidden on the right side of the photo - he was a little distracted by Elmo but he totally had on his party attire, as well.

And a few further photos of today:
Clearly, his expression makes this shot.

 Tiny Man spent some time on the floor today, gazing out the window.  He literally laid here for a half hour doing nothing but kicking his legs, waving his arms and staring outside.  I think he kinda liked it.

 In case you were wondering, this is was the view he had.

And this was the view I had.

All tuckered out from his moment in the sun.

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