31 March 2012

Of Running Away

A couple of days ago, Micaiah pulled out one of the Zhu Zhu pets she and Emmett had received for Christmas - of which they have been terrified when actually in motion - and pushed the button to make him go.  Then, she promptly encouraged Emmett to, "Run away!  Run away!"  Instantly calling to mind images of Monty Python in his search for the Holy Grail.  

Since that day, they played this game multiple times.  With each instance, the little brown faux-rodent scurries about electronically while my children run squealing around the house.  

But what's even better are the times when no one has pushed Cappuccino's button, but my son still suddenly hops to his feet, crying, "Run away!  Run away!" in his adorable little not-quite-two-year-old voice and sets off sprinting to and fro, making circles around the couches and all-around having a great time.  All by himself.

He did this again this evening when we headed outside for a little spring-evening fun.  There he was, dashing through the grass, giving his warning cry for all to hear.  I adore that boy.

Running away.
1,000 Gifts:
178. "Run away!"
179. A clean boy, wrapped in his blue towel, wanting to be carried to his bedroom.
180. Precious time scratching the garage sale itch with a good friend.

Taking Time for Play: In the Air
I'm a sucker for the startle reflex and I love how it makes it look like he's flying as Daddy tosses him up.

Other photos of our backyard adventure:

Emmett's turn to fly, only he was not letting go of Daddy's hands for anything.

Just hanging out - this is about the extent of his outdoor fun - well, this and the flying.

Love this beautiful girl!

Just in case you couldn't visualize my description the other day, this is dear Joseph enjoying his bouncy seat.

Blowing dandelions - she's so grown up!

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