18 March 2012

Of a Long (but Good) Weekend

Joey had quite the eventful weekend - meeting Nenaw & Papaw for the first time (they loved him, of course - who wouldn't?), his first St. Patrick's Day (he was sure to wear the obligatory green all day), and attending the Grand Opening of the Covenant Store in Tulsa (with which his daddy has been greatly involved).  Sure, he may have slept through the vast majority of these thrilling days, but he was honored just to be there.  A few photos:

He started the day right - wearing his "My First St. Patrick's Day" p.j.'s from Grandma & Grandpa.

At the Covenant Store with Daddy.

Resting with Daddy after a long day (and back in those great p.j.'s again).

Saying "Good-bye" to Nenaw - can't wait to visit again!

Papaw and his great-grandsons.

1,000 Gifts:
91. A love that hurts at the thought of loss.
92. Friends so close to my heart it hurts not to have them close.
93. Opportunities that may change our lives.
94. Rays of light peeking through the clouds.
95. All three children napping at the same time.
96. Tired toddlers giving into the late-night hour.
97. "Turning" thanks with Nenaw & Papaw.
98. Tiny green shirts ready for tiny bodies.
99. Banners, advertising favorite games, adorning the evidence of hard work and a step of faith.
100. A miniature yellow butterfly flitting from weed to weed as I do chores on the other side of the glass.
101. A little one curled up as he receives his nourishment.
102. Realizing I don't even know what condiments my husband needs for dinner - six years and still so much to learn.
103. Ketchup - the perfect dipping sauce for everything (even apples?) - to  toddler, anyway.
104. A diaper bag, overflowing with needs met and yet waiting to be met.
105. Sonic - and fresh corndogs - to end a road trip.
106. A list of produce overflowing from my fridge.
107. An unexpected card to let us know they care.
108. Recipes waiting to be tested.

#Taking Time for Play:  Sunshine:
The sun took the time to peek through the clouds on our drive to Tulsa.

Joey and I got to drive alone between Nenaw & Papaw's house in Chelsea and the store in Tulsa - an hour (nearly) alone in the car?  Of course I need some great tunes - thus this mix from my high school days - love it!

Micaiah, all decked out in pink, got to join Papaw as he did the chores.  She was reluctant to get any closer to the horse than this, but eventually came to within two feet of Frank!

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