14 March 2012

Of Celebrating Pi Day

With the date being 3.14, the nerd in me hates for it to pass unnoticed.  Thus, for the second time (though not in a row, sadly), I opted to make a pie in honor of Pi Day.  And since I was going to go to the effort, I decided to make Philip's absolute favorite - chocolate pie.  But not just any chocolate pie - the recipe passed down from his great-grandmother.

I have avoided this index card in my little white recipe box for over five (nearly six!) years now because, as one can imagine, it is a daunting task to be trusted with such a treasured family recipe.  Seriously, you need to hear Philip talk about this chocolate pie.  It's like his holy grail.  There are over 20 people who gather for holidays at his grandparents' house and they still make one whole chocolate pie labeled as "Philip's pie" (it's honestly deemed as such because they make his without the accompanying meringue and though they say anyone can have some, the threatening gleam in my husband's eye typically says otherwise, or maybe I'm the only one who sees that).

This pie is a big deal.  And for some reason I had in my mind that it was finicky, easy to mess up.  I could not bear to go about presenting my husband with a less-than-perfect chocolate pie.  

Thus, rather than risk learning from my mistakes, I put off making my husband's favorite pie in the world.  For years.  I do have my not-so-smart days (or years).

So, today, Pi Day 2012, I was going to rectify my error.  And if I made it wrong, at least I'd know for next time.  

I dusted off ye old recipe card, began to read through these finicky instructions - but there were only three.  The essence of which was: combine the ingredients, add to hot milk and let cool.  


This couldn't be the complicated dessert of my fears.  Plus, wasn't there supposed to be "boiling" in there anywhere, or even mention of a crust (though, really, I had the crust made already, but still)?  Thus, a quick text to my wonderful mother-in-law (who, apparently, is still working on mastering this puppy, too - ok, I tease, she's made it a time or two, but has been having issues with the eggs the past couple go-arounds) and an e-mail later and I was back in business.  

And I was an idiot.  

Really?  Five years avoiding a pie that took me about ten minutes to make?  Can a girl get any more ridiculous?

Either way, my husband was grateful and it was a wonderful Pi Day for everyone involved (including my aforementioned mother-in-law who got to make her own impromptu pie to be sure she gave me the most accurate instructions - that's dedication).

Happy Pi Day to all! (And, yes, I am such a nerd that I carved the figure in the pudding before it cooled so the filling would set that way.)

1,000 Gifts:
79. A little girl finally napping after nestling her head on Daddy's pillow rather than her own.
80. A little boy sleeping in as I dress his sister and gather their breakfasts for the quick trip to church.
81. A little boy found staring at the ceiling, calmly waiting to be fed, rather than fussing because we'd been away too long.
82. A Bible Study that speaks to me right where I am.
83. Curls on the little girl I don't deserve.
84. The knowledge that He is with me, even in the mundane.

Taking Time for Play: Candy
Nestled in with candy, popcorn and our 3D glasses for date night with my man!


  1. Okay, so I always thought that pie was difficult to make as well.  I guess I need to try to make it for Uncle Gary.

  2. Well, I followed the microwave directions Teresa gave me, rather than trying it on the stove, so that helped to make it easy.  Also, we decided women w/o the Rowland blood were maybe just not destined to make this pie - it's not in our genes ;)