11 March 2012

Of Home Church

Don't tell anyone, but we skipped church this morning.  Shhh!

One of our primary justifications was that Strep has been going around our circle of friends and, being particularly prone to the virus, I wanted to be cautious (which is rare since I am typically not even close to being germophobic - but after getting bloody tonsils from my first infection fifteen years ago and multiple times after, I don't mess with Strep).

There may have been some other justifications, but for whatever reason, we weren't with our church family.  So, instead, we had family church - which, of course, was tailored to its audience.  This meant we watched the VeggieTales version of Daniel in the Lions' Den before reading it out of their children's Bible and then putting together the wooden puzzle their great-grandmother made for them with the same theme.

Though, we've realized coordinating our home church service with animated vegetables may have been an error, as Micaiah's answer for the rest of the day to the question of, "Why didn't the lions eat Daniel ?" was, "Because they eat pizza."

Not exactly - but we have time to work that out.

1,000 Gifts:
61. Bible verses repeated from the tongues of my babies.
62. The multiple voices my husband appropriates to Dr. Seuss characters for bedtime stories.
63. Reading, with my two oldest babies nestled in my lap, the children's Bible storybook my daughter pulled from her shelf all on her own (before Family Church).
64. A washer-full of cloth diapers - the children who fill those are such blessings, even if the messes aren't.
65. Preparing breakfast for my hungry baby birds.
66. Early-afternoon baths after a late-morning romp in the mud puddles.

Taking Time for Play: Colorful
I wasn't sure how we'd fill this category, but fortunately I have a daughter with the memory of an elephant who, even though she hasn't even seen this game in over six months (at least) asked out of the blue to play the color-circle game this evening.  So, play, we did - and I made sure to photograph those color-circles for today's theme.  The final photo was the winner for me.

PS  I may or may not have eaten this ENTIRE bowl of homemade kettle corn by myself this evening (pretty sure that's about 6 quarts of popped corn) - I think I let the fact that I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans last Sunday - only three weeks after giving birth! - affect my eating habits, maybe.  Or maybe I just love kettle corn.

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  1. Good job you on those pre-pregnancy jeans...and on playing Twister so soon after giving birth :)