10 March 2012

Of Motivating Ourselves

New Cleaning Motivational Tip (for us anyway): We should clean before going to bed every evening as if the midwives could stop by in the middle of the night.

Hey, it worked before the baby came.

1,000 Gifts:
55. A game of tag bundled in giggles.
56. The sound of laughter from behind the closed door across the hall as the kids climb all over Daddy (who is trying to keep them quiet so Mommy can nap).
57. Secret giggles when they should be going to sleep (but are doing puzzle in the middle of the floor instead).
58. The gift of rest.
59. Friends in Christ re-connecting.
60. One in Whom I can rest my worries and be anxious no more.

Taking Time for Play: Favorite Drink
This is my "mug" - it's the one given to me by the hospital after Micaiah was born and it's the one Philip is still asked to fill with water at least three times a day.  The logo has been well-worn to the point of non-existence.  The inner and outer parts are mostly separated and the lid is cracked but it all still works and is never far from my side.  Love it.

Watching TV with all three of my precious ones, freshly bathed and ready for bed.

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