05 March 2012

Of Bedtime Prayers

Emmett lately has been saying our bed-time prayers for us by repeating after Daddy.  It's always so precious hearing his tiny, yet deep, voice vaguely copying the patterns of Daddy's vowel and consonant sounds, yet only rarely making out distinguishable words.

Tonight, though, was a little different.

Daddy: "Thank you for Emmett."
Emmett: "Dand oo Emmett."
Daddy: "And thank you for Micaiah."
Emmett: "Dand oo Emmett."
[giggles from Daddy and Mommy]
Daddy: "And thank you for Joey."
Emmett: "Dand oo Emmett."
[giggles now from Daddy, Mommy and Micaiah, and a grin from Emmett]
Daddy: "Thank you for Mommy."
Emmett: "Dand oo Mommy."
[Now I'm nearly cracking up, because clearly he knew the difference and just decided he was the only kid to be thankful for.]
Daddy: "And thank you for Daddy."
Emmett: "Dand oo Mommy."

Yes!  Clearly I'm the winner as Emmett has pronounced he and I as the two most important members of this family (or, rather, the two for which he gives the most thanks).  Best bed-time prayer ever (ok, I would have said that even without those last four lines).

1,000 Gifts:
25. Restoration for weary souls.
26. A re-kindled passion for our greatest blessings.
27. A new food the kids will eat.
28. A precious blanket, stitched with love, arriving in the mail for Baby Joey.
29. Our compost pile, contained by a fence hammered into the ground by my own husband (and his dad) - awaiting its time to feed our future gardens.
30. Beautiful fabrics pulled together into a cozy sling to cradle my little one.

Taking Time for Play: Silly Self-Portrait:  Joey and I tried a couple of different poses (ok, I did - his was pretty unchanging) - but his face in this one makes it the clear winner (even if it's the least silly of me).

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