26 March 2012

Of Our Favorite Book

In case you've been wondering, we haven't been doing so hot on the schedule front.  I attribute this partly to the fact that I have not been getting out of bed when I presumed I would and I did not account for Joey's feeding times - I knew they would happen and I would have to work around them, but, in general, I overbudgeted my time.

Despite this inability to stick to the plan, I still consider my experiment a success because, through my overachieving efforts we have, at the very least, established one habit that I am so happy to have finally incorporated into our lives: family devotions.  Or, at least, "Mommy and Me" devotions, as the Bible reading occurs at the breakfast table while Daddy is out earning us some proverbial bacon.

Though for now we've primarily stuck to the stories Micaiah seems to have had drilled into her at Sunday School, it still makes me so happy to hear her recite Matthew 5:44 - her first Bible verse, tied in with the story of Zaccheus in their Beginning Readers' Bible - over Frosted Flakes and scrambled eggs.  And, because of this, we have a verse to pull out when another kid pushes her at church, even if it's slightly out of context.

This is where we had struggled in the past - working faith-teaching into daily living with toddlers.  I know it comes so naturally to others, but this is a new area for us, the practice of talking out our beliefs, rather than just hoping they catch on.  So this habit of discussing Noah while we nosh on bananas, to me, makes the entire "schedule" concept a success - even if I'm still spending a little too much time on the couch the other hours of the day.  Hey, it's a process.

1,000 Gifts:
151. The startle reflex.
152. These nights of a slumbering infant snuggled in my arm.
153. Evening hours that flee too quickly.
154. A tiny boy appearing from nowhere, standing next to me in the bathroom mirror.
155. His parroting everything she says.
156. This new little one looking so much like she did when she was his age.  It goes so fast.

Taking Time for Play: Favorite Book

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