20 March 2012

Of Ups and Downs

Micaiah had two "firsts" today.  One good, one not so good.

First, Philip was wearing his awesome "Hotcakes" shirt today and in the process of changing our daughter's diaper, decided to give her a reading lesson.  Five minutes later, she ran out to me and this is what she proudly announced:

"H-O-T.  Hot!  C-A-K-E. Cake! Hotcake!"

She spelled her first word!  And she was quite pleased with herself (as she had every right to be).  And, thus, for the rest of the evening she sauntered around, spelling her words - always the exact same as she did for me.  (In fact, when Philip attempted to spell it all as one word, she quickly informed him he forgot to declare, "Hot" after spelling the first half - this girl is nothing if not particular).

Sadly, she learned the true meaning of that first half of the compound word when she received her first serious burn this evening.  She had been helping me at the stove making No-Bake Cookies and, though I had warned her endlessly not to get too close, she, apparently, while my back was turned, reached across the front of the stove, from the opposite side of the recently turned-off burner, where she'd been standing and touched her finger to the coil.

Because I did not see this action, all I heard was a scream and a cry as my daughter fell off her stool.  The poor thing was so scared she toppled!  A blister quickly formed and her daddy did much to dry her tears, but she sadly learned that even a kiss from Mommy doesn't always make the pain go away.

Now she's learned an important lesson: when Mommy and Daddy say it's hot, they mean it.

And at least now she can spell that.

1,000 Gifts:
115. Overhearing our daughter reading a book to her brother.
116. The way she can be so eager for something one minute and so scared of it the next.
117. Emmett's waddle-run.  Adorable.
118. Our daughter's eagerness to hear her "Jesus" story at breakfast.
119. Putting aside my lunch to hold a son who only wants to know we haven't forgotten him.
120. A dinner declared a winner (even by the cleanliness of Micaiah's bowl when she'd finished).

Taking Time for Play: Family
This photo was actually taken yesterday, but I forgot to share it, and since their brotherly love is the perfect fit for today's theme, we're going with it!

As the above photo wasn't actually taken today, the below is today's actual "photo of the day." As the event is a rarity, I chose to actually document the moment today wherein all pieces of Micaiah's doctor kit were actually in their allotted places.  That lasted all of about 12.2 seconds (or long enough for me to take the picture).

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