03 October 2011

Of Checking Them Off

I know I am not alone in this, but I have a confession to make: I love checklists.

A dear friend of mine always teases about herself that you know it's bad when you add something to do your "To Do" list after you've done it, just so you can feel good checking it off.  Yeah, done that.

So, when I find checklists created by someone else, that I didn't have to put thought into but still puts a little fire under my widening behind to get some things done, I fall in love.  And, via my favorite blog, A Holy Experience, I have found two wonderful checklists for the fall:  one to inspire a little family fun, and one to inspire us to get some work done.  Hopefully we'll strike a nice balance and still be able to check 80% off each list (a noble goal, I think, especially when you consider there's no way this house is getting pressure-washed).

I hope to blog about some of it, but either way, I encourage you to download (or create) your own checklists and take a little control of your time!

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