14 October 2011

Of Matching

Today, as I was trying to herd my children to naptime, Micaiah became very excited about a reference I made to her Potty Book - so excited, she ran to retrieve it right away, despite my protests.

Because she seemed very eager to show me something in particular, I relented and gave her my full attention.  Quickly she flipped the pages to a scene depicting the potty animals on the bus.  After pointing to the tiger on the bus, she then directed my attention to the cars in the background, where a silhouette of a tiger family driving their cartoon sedan down the highway could be seen.

"That's his baby and that's his Daddy and that's his son," she said with much excitement.

Likewise, the showed me the rabbit and his family in yet another drawn vehicle - "That's his parents and that's his Dad and that's his baby."

The simple fact that our daughter had examined this picture closely enough to match the animals to their much smaller and less-highlighted counterparts in the background of the picture, found them to go together and named them as a family is remarkable to me.  And, what's more, she knew it was a remarkable discovery and had to share her revelation with her mommy.

That girl is just too smart.

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