22 October 2011

Of the Eagerness of Anticipation

It finally happened.

After sixteen long months (although, really, it has felt so short and, really, I have only been anxious for this milestone for about a month or so), our son took his first step!

And his Papaw, his great-grandfather, had the privilege of being on the receiving end.  Of not only his first step, but his second, fourth, and fifth attempts to do more than tumble over after one timid step - somewhere in the middle, I got a step, too.

That is how little man spent his evening: proudly standing for minutes on end.  So improved has his balance he was even bending to reach his ball and righting himself to standing again with not so much as a waver - he can throw it, too, without losing his proud stance.

It's still true he prefers to bend and use his hands as aids to "walk" forward, but he definitely tried a number of times to move ahead unassisted.

He still has some time to go before Momma's arms will be baby-free for a short while before filling once again with Baby Penguin, but we're excited for our growing man.  And if you could see the grin of pride on his tiny face with each moment of independence, you'd be pretty excited for him, too.

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  1. Ahhhh! Congrats! I'm a tad behind on blog catching-up-ing. Hooray!