05 October 2011

Of Lunar Companionship

Micaiah was so proud of her coloring sheet from Awana this evening, depicting the carrots God made when He created all the vegetables, she would not allow me to put it in her tiny Puggles backpack, as she would rather grasp it in her own two hands.

Holding tightly to her carrots, she peered out the window, where it was "very, very dark" and searched for the moon, which she excitedly kept an eye on the entire way home, as it was "coming with us!"

As she bounded out of the car upon arriving home, she announced with much enthusiasm, "I want to show the moon my carrots!"

And, thus, she rushed out to the driveway, far enough to see the half-moon lingering over our home and proudly held her orange-scribbled paper as high as her tiny arms could reach, shouting, "Look, Moon!  See my carrots?!"  She held it there for a full minute, allowing the moon to fully soak in the wonder of her artwork.

It was possibly the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life.

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