23 October 2011

Of Fanaticism

Since moving to the Gateway to the West during my fifth grade year, from La Vista, NE, where my only regular stadium visits were to cheer on the Omaha Royals, I have been an avid fan of my hometown team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Now, let me make this clear, my definition of an "avid fan" means I will go to the games as much as I have the opportunity to (which, now living out of state, means once every year or two) and I will watch on television if they are in the World Series - oh, and I purchased a set of Cardinals pajamas as Philip's Valentine's Day gift to me this past February, because they were on clearance.  I know you are so surprised at just how hard-core I am.

Thus, this week finds me, for the third time since moving from home (which, ironically, is also the third time since my family first moved to the St. Louis area . . . huh), glued to Fox Sports nightly as I cheer on my St. Louis Cardinals as they take on the Texas Rangers in this year's Fall Classic.

And by "cheer on" I mean I have the TV on in the background while I work on other projects on my computer or read a book during commercials.  I get excited when they score and sad when Texas runs past home plate.  When they win, I get cocky on Facebook and when they lose I'm a little down, but I understand - everyone has their good days and their bad days.  There's no yelling or jumping up and down (though that will come in the event of winning the Series Title - an event that has happened once since I have been following my precious Cards.  Turns out it's not nearly so exciting when you run outside and realize the rest of Oklahoma is going about life as normal.  Baseball isn't really their thing.).

For the most part, this roller coaster of fanaticism rides more like something from the three-feet and under corner of your local amusement park, but I can have my moments.  Like waving my rally towel when we're behind in the fifth inning.  Until I realize I have no idea where this towel came from because it's talking about the "1,000th Game" on December 7, 2007.  No one plays baseball in December.  I guess my real rally towel must be up in the attic with my other Cardinals memorabilia.

Because that's how we die-hard fans roll.


  1. Watching the playoffs and World Series games have helped me to learn the names of the Cardinals players. My husband used to tease me about being a "fan" but not knowing anyone on the team except for Albert Pujols. Now I can rattle off all the players in the starting line-up and some pitchers! It's hard to be a fan when you're not there. :( Why did we ever leave?

  2. lol - so true!  I told my husband you can tell how hard-core I am when I get surprised I still recognize a players' name (considering it's been so long since I actively followed them).