10 October 2011

Of Getting it Done

Slowly but surely I am sticking to my commitment to check off my lists - both the mundane and the memorable.

I realized, as the cleaning list is rather long and somewhat cumbersome, I needed to stop avoiding it and take advantage of these fall days.  So, as the sun peeked out from the clouds today, I was inspired to see that sunshine more clearly through our clouded windows, the ones which have never seen the likes of a washrag or glass cleaner.  Today was makeover day and they sure do polish up nicely.  Of course, it was easier to get to some of them thanks to the destructive nature of the canine claws in our backyard and our subsequent lack of screens.

Sadly, however, due to an issue of dead shrubbery adorning the front bedroom windows, with which I did not want to tangle, and a rather formidable spider web (with equally formidable resident) spanning the width of the side bedroom windows, those were largely walked away from - which I figure is just as well for the time being, as those blinds are never opened anyway.  The unfortunate part of this is that there is still a certain tiny check-box with no happy check indicating the completeness of the activity.

But at least sunlight now permeates the primary living areas of our home with a greater clarity than ever before.  I consider that a win.

And to reward myself for my hard work, I decided our family would be taking a "Nature Walk" after dinner. However, being under-ambitious, living in the suburbs, and parenting two children, ages three and under, who cannot tell the difference between a small patch of grass with trees bordering a nearby creek or Yellowstone National Park, we opted to stroll on down to the said small patch of grass at the bottom of our street, admiring the fallen foliage and damp-grass smell of our recent rainfall to the point just before wandering across the creek into Private Property.  And the forest was just dense enough to cause Micaiah to declare, "This is scary!  Let's go home!"

Nature Walk.  Check.

We'll have our bucket list wiped out before you know it!

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