12 October 2011

Of My Blessings

On days like today, when I want to spend all day annoyed with my son for his silly tantrum that made me abandon my work in the church library to save everyone's ears, and then he turns around and does something cute - which totally does not get him off the hook, though it helps - or when Micaiah uses naptime to spread sunscreen all over herself and then lies about it, even though she smells like the beach and a contraband tube is on the floor in her favorite hiding place,  it's a good idea to focus on the things my children do well.

Like when Emmett helps put away the toys just as I ask - even his favorite glowing, spiky, bouncy balls - so he can go take a nap.

Or when he gives his sister her toys back when I remind him to share.

Or how happy he is at diaper changing time - even if his lightning fast leg kicks make changing a challenge.

Or Micaiah, when she runs to the potty all on her own, getting her seat situated because she has to go (even when that means leaving behind her favorite toy - the iPad - so she can do her business).

Or how she has actually been eating her meals lately without much fuss - even the meat at which she typically turns up her nose.

Even in the frustrating moments, I recognize the blessing I have in my children.  So grateful to call them mine.

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