29 October 2011

Of Unexpected Discoveries

As Micaiah and I ran some errands around town (oh how I love our Mommy and Me shopping dates), I browsed our brand new Kohls for anything under $10 on which I could spend my coupon (with no out of pocket cost to frugal me).  While in the housewares department, I heard my little girl exclaim, "Look, Mommy! It's a hole for me!"  Sure enough, the wonderful store employees had staggered two display tables in such a way that there was created a tiny hole, just her crawling size, among all the legs.

Sadly, due to the breakable nature of the items on display I had to inform her she would not be shimmying through her tiny hole.  It's a good thing she's fairly good at handling disappointment.  It was awfully cute, either way.

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