09 October 2011

Of Pumpkin

It was only a year or so ago I first opened my distinguished palate to the fine flavors of pumpkin - in any form.  Thus, having missed out on this autumn wonder for so many years of my life, I have made it my mission this fall to discover all the wonderful forms of pumpkin I can find.

And Pinterest is aiding me in my glorious task.

This weekend, as we had company in the house to aid in the consumption of any pumpkin endeavors, I undertook my first project: Pumpkin Cookies.  And boy was I a fan.  Although the sugar-overload of the icing does not allow me to enjoy more than one tiny cake-like cookie at a time, I'm definitely appreciating these little wonders.

I was also able to recently partake of Sonic's Pumpkin Pie Shake, so giddy to finally share in the joy so many others have expressed this time of year when restaurants begin to break out the seasonal fare.  And if that shake is any indication of what I have been missing out on, I am so ready for more.

Bring on the pumpkin!

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