17 August 2011

Of Our Potty Book

Clearly, if you've been reading long, you know I am not the mom to go to for potty training advice.  We, in this house, are potty training failures.  However, can I tell you about our favorite potty book in this house?

First, I'll share, I am not a fan of potty books.  I do not look down on anyone using them, it's just that most are too descriptive for my taste - even if they are informative and helpful (again, my child isn't potty trained - maybe a more descriptive book would have been useful).  But on a lark, I purchased one last holiday season when buying discounted books on-line.  And Micaiah fell in love - and I'll have to admit, I think it's fun, too.

Now, when she's on the potty, she loves for me to read her the book of Potty Animals, all learning their potty manners.  I love that it covers so many good tips for little kids who are potty training - the concept of going before you sleep, washing your hands, flushing, and not waiting too long (for boys it even covers lifting the seat and perfecting your aim).  It's truly adorable.  She loves when I read it and then let her repeat the commands to the animals, so she can tell them the right way to behave in the potty.

Adorable, really.  Now, if she would take the words to heart, we'd be on a roll!

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  1. ahh...oldest children...we like to boss even fictional characters :) I hope this attempt at potty training will be the One!