28 August 2011

Of My Food Tracker

Because I realized I was doing a better job taking care of this baby through my nutrition when I was actually writing down what I eat (yes, I know, it's a common weight-loss method, and its effectiveness is a contributing factor), I have decided to continue the close examination of my eating habits beyond the one week required by the midwives (though I'm still glad they won't actually see my log anymore).

I've turned to a tool I've used on more than one occasion in the past: SparkPeople.com - a free website which has an on-line food tracker which allows me to plug in what I ate and it will spout out the calories, carbs, fat and protein - and let me know if I'm staying in my target goal for the day.  And I love it.  I like the personal accountability that comes from actually telling someone what I ate.  And I love seeing my protein numbers right where they should be (though the fat, not so much, but let's focus on the good right now, shall we?).  What makes it all even better - there's an app for that (and it's FREE)!  And the app and the website work together, so I can jump from one to the other throughout the day.  What could be easier?

Though, my personal philosophy lately has been, if I don't put it in the food tracker, then it's like I never ate it, right?  Lying to Spark People - it's easier than exercising.

PS I know it would seem I got paid to write such a glowing review of this website, but I'm just being honest - I don't know the actual Spark People (I don't even know what that's supposed to mean) and they don't know me.  I just really like their site.


  1. Thanks for the info. It sounds like something worth checking out. I know when we've done Weight Watchers in the past you could track on their website, but a way to do it for FREE sounds like a great deal. Now if only I had something on which to use the app. ;-) Guess the laptop and the webpage will work for now.

  2. I second Mama Rowland's comment! I could use something free as opposed to WW as an app. Woohoo! Also, good luck lying to the tracker. It feels empowering to not turn yourself In at first until you realize you lied to a computer program that doesn't actually care. Sigh. Not that I've ever done that. This is a hypothetical hypothesis. Really. ;)