16 August 2011

Of Emulation

Emmett's absolute favorite person, though the one who also tends to best at making him cry, is his sister.  While she, at times, gets bossy and demanding if he chooses not to follow her around, she needn't fuss too much as follow-the-sister is generally his past-time of choice.

Lately we've been dealing with much fussing over the iPad - if Micaiah is playing Angry Birds, Emmett wants to play, too.  And, of course, his little one-year-old hands don't quite have the finesse and crying typically ensues.  Either way, I'm convinced he would not be nearly as interested if it weren't her favorite activity.

Likewise, this evening, as she stood next to the toy box with her "big box" of crayons and a clean sheet of paper, Emmett pulled himself to his feet and bopped at the container of colored wax as well.  Thus, we encouraged her to find a canvas for her brother.  And so the two stood, side by side, with two white papers in front of them and a set of crayons between them.  One of the most adorable sights of my day.

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  1. so sweet. And so special and great that you take the time to record those small moments :)