23 August 2011

Of Communication

Mr. E has become much more expressive as of late.  Both his verbal and non-verbal (a.k.a. sign language) skills have continued to sky-rocket in the past week alone.  It seems every day we are newly amazed at the things he requests, copies or comprehends.

When we say phrases, he pulls out the sign to express the same thing - when we weren't even trying for it.

He now uses the accompanying syllable, "Ba" when rubbing his hand on his chest to say "Please" - the same way his sister did when she was a wee one.

He requests milk by saying, "Mi" and squeezing his fists.

Truly, he never ceases to astound us.

Tonight was one of the cutest moments when he pulled the little push-and-ride truck from its parking spot next to the toy box, knelt next to it, then reached both arms out toward me, opening and closing his hands to indicate he needed me to get him on that seat so he could GO!  It may not be an official sign, but he sure did get his point across.

It really is quite nice to transition into being able to communicate with our little darling.

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