30 August 2011

Of Sweet Kisses

"Ok, give me a hug and a kiss," Daddy teased his little boy after we closed our Jesus Storybook Bible and said our good-night prayers.

Unexpectedly, Emmett turned his precious head toward Daddy, rested lips on his cheek and clicked his tiny tongue in an attempt to mimic the sound he hears every night, of lips smacking on skin, before resting in his crib.

Surprised and excited for Emmett's first kisses, I tried to get mine, but he denied me a couple more times while indulging his Daddy's requests.  Finally, it was Mommy's turn for a kiss (with that delightful click).  Then Sissy's.

What a big, grown-up boy.  Looking forward to many more sweet kisses before he gets too grown up for such things.

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