19 August 2011

Of Checking in on Sister Penguin

I realized it's been awhile since I've last mentioned our little penguin.  Yes, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant, too.  Until I wonder why my tummy seems just a bit larger.  Then it all comes back.

Truly, it's a good thing that the sickness has generally subsided enough to allow me to forget on occasion.  Also, this little one is riding higher than Emmett did (further evidence, other than Micaiah's predictions, that this little one may just be a girl after all), which is lovely for the fact that I have yet to need a pair of maternity pants (and still need a belt!), though my shirts have started bulging just a bit.

Even though we're only 15 weeks along, we are asked just about any time we converse with other human beings, when we will "find out" what this one is.  Well, for now we know it's a baby (I'm not holding to the guess by Big Sister that it's a penguin, I'm just not).  If it were up to me, I would let it be a surprise - I mean, we're going so hippie with this home birth concept, let's just take it all the way and pretend we live in the 18th century, shall we?  Besides, I argue, we're prepared with both blue and pink clothing, so what's the point?

But, for naming purposes, my husband is interested in being able to focus on one gender or the other and for the sake of our daughter's sanity (who may just lose it if the long-awaited day for meeting Sister Penguin turns out to produce something that is not only not penguin, but also not a sister - this could be detrimental), I feel it might be best to warn her ahead of time if all her current believes prove to be false.  So, I'm guessing we'll probably have further knowledge about this baby come the next ultrasound (which is probably still, at least, five weeks away - just so you know!).

Anyway, that's how things are going, for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. LOL about Sister Penguin and Micaiah being prepared!!   ;)

    And I completely understand with the wondering why you feel weird and then remembering you're pregnant.  I did that a lot with Clare!   I can't imagine how it'll be with the next one. lol    Glad you're doing good!   Looking forward to seeing y'all tomorrow!