25 August 2011

Of Checking in with the Midwives

We had our second official midwife appointment today.  Once again, while listening to the heartbeat, I asked Micaiah, who was standing next to me with eyes twinkling like Christmas lights, who that was we were listening to and she said, "That's my baby sister penguin!"  She cracks me up.  She also gasped excitedly when the baby's kicks caused a louder blurb on the monitor and exclaimed, "She's talking to us!"  I love that girl.

I also got a little bit of a talking to (less stern than I would have had we been conversing with an actual midwife, as opposed to one of the gentler assistants) about what showed up on my food diary.  Though the week represented on the chart was the healthiest I've eaten, well, ever, I still got a warning about chocolate chip cookies and sno-cones which should only be weekly treats and have no nutritional value (I wanted to point out that each item was only on the chart once - thus making them weekly treats - and the sno-cone was only the second I'd had in about four years, but decided not to argue).

Just makes me glad they're not tracking me this week.  Wonder if Cinnamon Toast Crunch qualifies as an acceptable bedtime snack.

Probably not.


  1. I'm so glad that baby sister penguin is doing well :) I'll admit that I don't always put the sweets and such on my weekly food diary...I know they have no nutritional value and thus, all the carrots and grapes I eat can cancel them out...right?? As long as you're not stuffing yourself with oreos and snocones you're fine!! (which I know you know!)

  2. lol - I was definitely not going to put the sno-cone on there, but the day I had that, Philip and I didn't end up eating dinner until about 9pm and without the sno-cone, it looked like I had nothing to eat between 3 and 9 - though I know having that didn't really help, so I guess it would have been to look like I'd starved :)  Fortunately, they only make us do one week of the diary - I think they know everyone would lie after being chastised the first time :)