11 August 2011

Of Exciting News

I was initially going to share about Emmett's second haircut, which happened this morning.  He was not a big fan of sitting still in a new environment while someone came at his head with sharp objects, but he had some great distractors and survived fairly unscathed.

This was Emmett's Joe-Jonas-pre-haircut look:
Cute, but shaggy.

Here's the exciting part, this is post-haircut, but more importantly, notice what he's doing in the picture.  All by himself!

This was how I found him after re-filling his water cup in the kitchen!  He got up all by himself!  FINALLY!

And as further proof that he is no longer safe outside of Mommy's constant watchful eye, as I was typing this exciting post, Micaiah ran to me from the kitchen in a panic: "Emmett is stuck!  You have to help him!"  Wondering how he could possibly be stuck in the kitchen, with no objects to get wedged behind, I considered maybe he had stood again, against a cabinet perhaps, and was afraid to sit.  But no.  A standing boy is not what I found.  This is what I discovered when I entered the kitchen:

Oh this boy is going to be trouble!


  1. Good job on pulling up, Emmett, but maybe you should stay out of the dishwasher.  :-)  Much love!

  2. LOL!! YAY, Emmett! Way to go. I guess he figured he needed to live up to his manly haircut and stand on his own two feet. :-D And so a new era with new fun begins. ;-)

  3. This cracks me up!!!!