31 August 2011

Of Staying Accident Free

If this home were an official work place, we'd have a sign hanging in the bathroom saying, "Accident Free for 2 Days!"  That's right - she's getting into the swing of things and, though Monday was rough, she seems to enjoy her alone time in the potty these days and has fallen into somewhat of a routine, where I hear less arguing when it's time to go and have even heard on more than one occasion, "I have to go potty!" followed by the pitter patter of little feet.

So, folks, it looks like we're well on our way to having a potty trained toddler - finally!  If she keeps it up, I might even be able to say she was potty trained when she was two (only a week and a half to go before that bragging right is gone).

Now we're working on the finer points - like not playing in the sink when it's time to wash our hands or spending five minutes making faces in the mirror.  "Hurry up, Helga!"

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