18 August 2011

Of Adorable Antics

Yesterday evening, as Philip put away the lawn mower, I swept the driveway while the kids watched one of the thirty Land Before Time movies on Netflix in the house.  Upon re-entering the house, I noticed, under the closed door, the pantry light had been left on, most likely by my husband who had been in there a moment earlier.

Thinking nothing of it, I popped open the door to flip the switch and there, looking up at me with the two most guilty looks mustered by little faces, were my munchkins, seated next to each other with a carton of Micaiah's "shiny cookies" (the ones with red sprinkles on them she earns as a reward for going potty) between them.  Fortunately, Micaiah has yet to learn the fine art of opening said cookies, so there were no tiny crumbs scattered across the mouths of our contrite little ones.

What am I going to do with those two?

The further adorable aftermath of the above scene was Micaiah declaring her need to go potty (so she could rightfully gain possession of one of those coveted cookies), actually doing so, and then picking the two largest treats from the container - one for her, and one, slightly larger than the other, for her brother.  What a sweetheart.

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