26 August 2011

Of Thoughtfulness

Yesterday, as I diapered, dressed and rushed the kids out the door immediately following naps, snack time became a fun car activity.  Lately, snacks have consisted of whatever box of cereal they haven't eaten their way through yet.  Running out of options, I cracked open a box of Special K Red Berries (a favorite of mine, but I haven't been eating much cereal for breakfast these days, so I didn't mind), doled it out into their little re-purposed yogurt cups and hustled them into their seats.

While Micaiah was an overall fan of the crispy, sweetened flakes, she did not seem to enjoy the dehydrated strawberries quite as much.  Being the pregnant and non-wasteful mom that I am, I quickly agreed to finish those off for her.

I had not thought anything of yesterday's car-time snack until this afternoon, when, in the middle of watching "Wonder Pets" and munching on her afternoon sustenance, Micaiah exclaimed, "Mom!  You need your snack!"

Running into the kitchen, searching for the empty yogurt cup sitting on the sink I had told her was mine fifteen minutes before (only to convince her to stop asking questions about the silly cup I found on the floor), she was adamant I was missing out.  She quickly hurried back, holding both her cup and "mine."  In the midst of my attempt to ward off her gift of an empty container, I heard her say, "You like strawberries.  I don't like strawberries."

There, in "my" cup, rather than simply handing me her discarded leftovers, my daughter had lovingly deposited all of her dehydrated strawberries just for me.

That, my dear friends, is thoughtfulness - and it pretty near melted my heart.

The moment, I'll admit, was a little ruined by my son who noticed someone in the room still had food and it wasn't him and, thus, I got an earful from my greedy, hungry little man.

And that, my dear friends, is life.

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