27 August 2011

Of Success (in Small Ways)

Are you ready for your weekly potty training update?  Otherwise known as: way more than you ever wanted to know about our daughter's bathroom habits.

For those who are actually intrigued by our on-going battle, you may be happy to know that today was actually a really exciting day.  We made a very important discovery: if we let her go all on her own, she actually will!  I don't know why it never occurred to us that our independent spitfire might actually prefer a little privacy in the potty, but we have let out the kite string just a tad and she is beginning to soar.

It was an accidental discovery, really.  When I was too lazy to help her this morning, knowing she had no pants under her nightgown, I simply told her to go potty when I felt it was time.  Thus, she ran off and before we knew it, we were listening to the sound of a flushing toilet.  She had gone!  But what was more impressive was about a half hour later when she suddenly announced, "I have to go potty!  I got gas [poo] in my body [booty]!  You don't come!"  And off she ran to do her duty, all by her big girl self.

True, she didn't make any further thrilling announcements the rest of the day, but she obeyed when I asked her to go potty and was successful every time.  She had a dry diaper when we went out and her only business done outside of the bathroom was in her diaper during nap-time.  

We love it.  

And she loves it - which is the goal, really.  In fact, I think she was so darn proud of herself, she completely forgot to demand stickers or cookies when she was done.  Now that's progress.


  1. LOL at the beginning.   And YEAH!!!   Goooo Micaiah!!!