24 August 2011

Of Play-Time Favorites

Emmett's favorite place to play at the current moment is sister's bed.  Whenever I notice him missing from the room, I know where to head first.  There he'll be, bouncing around on pink flowered sheets, grasping the white bars of her converted crib.

This morning, as I headed to replace something in his room, I noticed my Little Man, simply laying on his back, enjoying the comfort of his sister's mattress.  Upon seeing me, of course, he hurried to his knees, tightly holding the bed rail along the front of the bed, only a foot a tall, hopping excitedly as he kneels and almost beckons me to join him.

The real fun starts when his sister climbs in next to him - they could spend all day, tumbling over each other, tackling, hugging, exploring the wonderful qualities of a springy mattress, as both a wrestling mat and a trampoline.  Laughter, hugs and smiles abound.

These are the precious moments of our life.

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