06 August 2011

Of Climbing

I take it as a good sign for his physical development.  Our little guy started climbing today.  That's right, he can't stand, but he sure can climb (to a certain extent).

After months of simply crawling to his sister's Pottery Barn Kids armchair, and then kneeling in front of it as he pounded his open palms on the seat or bounced a ball off the top, our big boy finally pushed off of his knees, and his feet, and to climb atop the seat himself.  And boy was he proud!  Like a king on his pink throne, he took in the world around him.  Squirreling around, he tried to see just how much he could reach from his newfound height.

Of course, his newly discovered talent served to spark his sister's renewed interest in the chair, while she attempted to reclaim her rightful place in the world.  It was tough to enforce the "one child at a time" rule when she looked so darn cute sitting next to her brother, while subtly attempting to oust him from the spot.

They eventually learned to take turns, but what Emmett hasn't quite learned is a graceful exit strategy, which currently includes a controlled fall to his hands so he can crawl back out - sometimes successful, sometimes not.

We're so proud of our new little climber, though.  And are suddenly very motivated to bolt down every piece of furniture in the house.

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