02 August 2011

Of Emergency

Our city is currently in a "State of Emergency."  Due to many water main breaks throughout the town, all of the four water towers have now been emptied and many homes are without water.  Those of us who still have this precious commodity flowing through our faucets are asked to boil it before use and, for that matter, use as little as humanly possible.  I'm not going to lie, when I first received the automated phone call with all of the above information, my eyes starting tearing up of their own free will (yes, my tear ducts are a separate entity altogether).

Much as with the sound of a tornado siren (though to a much lesser degree), those three little words - "State of Emergency" - push a panic button found somewhere deep inside and I feel as though the world as we know it is going to crumble at our feet.  Of course, the logical part of my brain explains this is not true, which is why the misting of my eyes lasted but a mere few seconds before I simply pulled out our two largest pots, filled them with water and set the burners to "Hi" so we would be prepared when the children needed something to fill their sippie cups.

Regardless of all that is occurring, I know one primary truth: God is in control.  And I am grateful for the fact that we at least have the option of heating liquid which has come from our own sinks rather than having to dash to the nearest store still in possession of the bottled variety.  Yes, there is much to be thankful for and much still needing prayer, such as those working around the clock to fix this mess and get us back on track.  To the best of my knowledge there will be no looting or riots in the street.

Life goes on.

UPDATE: Mere minutes after posting, my husband turned on our faucet and noted it seemed to be going at full pressure, as opposed to the weak job it had been performing for the past 36 hours.  Apparently they have taken care of the major breaks and are focusing on the minors while the water towers refill.  What'd I tell you?  Life goes on ;)

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