22 August 2011

Of Being Home

We enjoyed a very nice weekend visiting with Philip's family as we all gathered to celebrate fifty years of marriage for his grandparents.  I met many new faces I had only seen on Facebook and found myself wishing we had more excuses to gather with all of these fun-loving people - there are definitely some fun characters in that family (in a good way, not in a crazy way - though there may be some of those that I just didn't get to talk to).

Upon leaving yesterday morning, Micaiah was bewildered and upset by the fact that, rather than following Grandpa Ross and Grandma Veta to church, we were talking of home.  "But," I could just hear her little mind speaking, "they were just going to church - I just saw them!"

To put her anxiety at ease and make for a much more enjoyable hours-long journey, I gave her a new joy to focus on: dinner at Nenaw and Papaw's on the way home.  Worked like a charm.

As we finally came through our own door at an hour and a half past bed-time, Philip deposited Emmett on the floor as he rushed out to hurry along the process of unloading the car.  Little man, who is typically very cranky at this "drop and run" tactic, actually hurried along happily to the living room where he found all of his old friends waiting for him.  Wasting no time, he plucked his favorite ball from the toy box, tossed it around a few times, then headed straight for the books - I later found him pounding away at the keys on their toy laptop.  Yes, this little boy, who had met only a few more new familial faces than myself or his sister, was very glad to be back in recognizable surroundings.

Micaiah, however, was slightly less delighted.  While getting dressed for bed, Philip asked, "Are you glad to be able to sleep in your own bed?"


"No?  Where would you rather sleep?"

"At Nenaw and Papaw's."

Well, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

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