15 May 2012

Of Disenchantment

"Mommy, we still have a baby brother."

"Yes, baby, we do."

"But when we're done with him, then he will go?"

"No, baby, he's a part of our family now.  He's always going to be with us, but he will grow up like Emmett and like you."

"No, he's not; he's going to go."

Pair this with the fact that she was still talking about the baby sister in my tummy as of Sunday and I'm thinking someone is getting disenchanted over the excitement of simply having a baby and she is ready for that girl.

Sorry, sweetie, to the best of my current knowledge, you are just going to have to wait.

Maybe she's just jealous he stole her face.

1,000 Gifts:
494. Unexpected Surprises
495. Making room
496. Doing math "homework" with my three-year-old (and teaching the concept of "0")

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