20 May 2012

Of Patience and Trust

I believe little Joseph got the memo that he is our third child and we may not be able to deal with many more crazy antics in this chaotic family.  He is so entirely mellow, it blesses a Momma's heart.

Of course, I do remember, thanks to the wonders of being Baby Wise, none of our children were extremely difficult at this young age of only three months, but I also remember wondering how they could be so impatient on certain things, like feeding.  There were so many times I would try to explain to tiny baby ears that, "Yes, Momma hears you.  The fact that you are in her arms and she is sitting down with you on the couch should be an indication that you are so close to being able to eat.  Is this incessant screaming really necessary?"  And, of course, these were also the times they were screaming so hard it took them a moment to realize I was even trying to feed them, if they would just stop crying long enough to take it.

Not so with little Joey.  This guy cries when he's ready to eat (sometimes - usually only in the morning - most other times he sucks his thumb like a mad-man and, occasionally, even goes back to sleep), but the minute Momma picks him up, all is right in his little world.

He trusts me.

He knows that even if I have to wander around the house for a few minutes first, if he is in my arms, food will come.

I love that about Him.

How much greater does the Heavenly Father love it when we trust Him?  When we know, if we are in His arms, we will be taken care of?  Why am I too often the obnoxious screamer who doesn't seem to notice that His presence is enough, and, if I'd only pay attention, He is offering exactly what I need?

Thank you, Lord, for these children who teach me the greatness of your love (and patience).

1,000 Gifts: 
507. Rainy days and Sundays
508. Re-focusing on His Crazy Love
509. Spontaneous arm wrestling
510. A number puzzle and a sharp pencil

Photo of the Day: Leaving a potluck in the "rain" (it was more of a heavy sprinkle), Emmett helped Daddy carry the "Brella".

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