07 May 2012

Of Remembering

I'm going to admit here and now, my blogging may get quite spotty as I focus on meeting my News' Year goal. I beg your forgiveness, but hope you'll understand.

Nevertheless, I have stopped by tonight because I have had such a wonderful day enjoying my children and felt I needed to remember it always.

I need to remember moments like licking the remainder banana bread batter from the bowl with my daughter as she pauses to let me know, "Mommy, you're a good mommy."  So many days that does not ring true and from a little girl who always speaks her mind, my heart almost melted.  (Also, later, while "playing house" with Daddy, she apparently quit because "This game's too hard" - yes, my dear, being the Mommy is hard sometimes.)

I need to remember her drawings that are getting more advanced by the day - like this one of Aunt Dia.

I need to remember sitting on the couch with all three of my wee ones, going through their toddler-aged Brain Quest one of them got for Christmas (I LOVE Brain Quest, so this was quite exciting for me), while brother and sister traded spontaneous hugs and kisses - for no other reason that they were sitting next to each other and realized they just really like their sibling.  And I really like them, too.

I need to remember getting help with the laundry.  We're training him up in the way he should go . . .

 I need to remember spiders with nine legs and noses (definitely can't forget the nose!).

I need to remember him snuggled up on his sister's pink chair.

I need to remember waving Joey's monkey rattle in his face and actually earning giant grins and adorable giggles.

I need to remember hide-and-seek with a little hider under a pile of toys, reaching one arm out to find his sissy's purple hat to place it on his head - all while the seeker (Mommy) and her tiniest partner stand at the door giggling.

Finally, I really need to remember what a difference living out a schedule makes in our lives - knowing what needs to be done and feeling the accomplishment at the end of the day at having not only checked off the to-do list, but, as a result, having the time and energy to love on the most important people in my life. (And, as a result of that, how much sweeter everyone is to one another.)

I always need to remember.

1,000 Gifts:
459. Our oldest son taking care of his babies.
460. Sharing - without arguing
461. Spontaneous sister-brother hugs.
462. Reciprocal brother-sister kisses.
463. Baby squeals.
464. Playing with a baby who smiles and giggles back.
465. A jump-start on tomorrow's to-do

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