10 January 2012

Of the Year of Babies

This year would appear to be the year that I birth not just this physical baby but a couple others in my life as well.  As far as gestation periods go, this one which is nearly complete in my womb has been by far the shortest.

This Sunday will mark the Grand Opening of our church library - a baby which has been a couple of years in the making.  I will be ever excited to celebrate it's Birth Day and present it to the world (or our church, whatever).  I'm praying many will accept it into their lives and cherish it as much as I do.

And just today I made my New Year's Resolution (10 days late, but who's counting?) to finally give birth to my longest awaited baby yet - the book I have been writing about my semester in Russia - which will be about three-quarters memoir and one-quarter fiction (for the gaps my memory does not quite fill).  I do not necessarily have high plans to publish for the masses (though I'm writing for it, in case God opens that door), but I know it will be nice to have my entire experience in one place, for myself, for my husband and for my children.

I determined today that as I will turn 28 on the 28th of June this year, I will, by then, my Golden Birthday, have a published copy of my book in my hands (and by "published" I mean printed in hard cover format by my friends over at Blurb - a company I LOVE).  And that baby - five years in the making - will be a grand arrival. To have finally finished I goal which has been gnawing at the back of my brain for such a period of time will be quite the accomplishment indeed.

Here is what I need from you, my friends.  As I labor long in this process, ask me about it.  As many did with the Library, a constant nudge, letting me know my goal has not been forgotten and is anticipated by others serves as a nice kick in the tail.  It is my hope that our shared birthdays will also motivate me where my self-discipline alone has not.

Here is to the year of babies!

Photo of the Day:  Micaiah set up "cakes" for us this morning while she played, complete with candles to sing "Happy Birthday" - I did not until the moment of writing this caption realize just how well this would fit today's topic.  My favorite part, by the way, is how our OCD daughter matched the "candles" to their cakes.

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  1. I'll be asking you about it!! And I would really like to read it when it's done, if you are planning on sharing. I would love to see your perspective on that semester.