07 January 2012

Of Herb Gardening

For Christmas, I received from Philip's grandparents a Chia Gourmet Herb Garden - which was exciting as this would be not only my first Chia experience, but also my first opportunity to grow our own herbs.  It was a couple of days later that I realized the process of planting and growing would make for a fun family activity.

Not understanding just how much my daughter was gleaning from Sid the Science Kid, I entirely underestimated her enthusiasm for the project.  At the simple mention of growing plants, my three-year-old cried with delight, "We're going to plant seeds?!"  That's right, my daughter gets the fact that plants come from seeds - and I did not tell her that.  Thanks, Sid!

And, so, we ventured to the backyard with our supplies.

I was genuinely surprised by how interested the kids were.  I never had to ask them to come settle in so we could plant some herbs.  From the second Micaiah saw me holding the box, she was by my side, asking what everything was as it was pulled from its cardboard home.  As I laid it all out on the concrete, she kept an eye on the proceedings.  And, of course, where Micaiah goes, there goes Emmett.  So this photo of them seated and waiting was not contrived.  They were intensely interested in the process.

Next, we watered the Chia sponges - because apparently that's what you do with Chia.

Finally, the pouring of the seeds.  I would say this was Micaiah's favorite part, but I think the entire project was her favorite part.

And now, we wait for them to grow.  (Yes, it looks strange seeing those seeds just sitting on top of the dirt, but the instructions were clear, and we followed them - we'll see how this goes!)

One thing Sid failed to teach our daughter is that, unlike on his half-hour show, plants take time to grow.  After Philip and I carried our filled pots into the house and placed them atop the fridge (again, we do what they say), Micaiah continued to ask, "Where are the plants?  Did they grow?"  We continued to explain that it will be a week or so at least until she sees something, but she was undeterred.  Clearly, those plants had grown and we were just hiding them from her.

And, so, she ventured forth and decided to plant her own garden.  Using "seeds" of grass in a pile of dirt in the backyard.  Frankly, I was just impressed the girl was putting her hands in dirt - the same girl who wouldn't get in a sandbox because, "It's dirty!"

Meanwhile, Emmett and Daddy just chilled.  Herb gardening can really take it out of a guy.

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